As a nation, we have spent the better part of the last 100 years trying to engineer success. We have relied upon the tools of an ever-expanding government to improve the daily lives of American citizens. If success is defined by how many new gadgets and technological tools that are at our disposal, then it could be said that this experiment has been a resounding success. However, if success is measured by an increase in the quality of people's lives then the experiment has been an abject failure on every front. Each new solution is proposed to fix the last failed solution when all that is needed is less government and more liberty. We can see at an alarming rate the vaporization of all that is good in our land. Healthcare has become more a management of death. Our finances are measured in debt, not in wealth. Our families are broken, especially among the poor.

I believe success is not measured by illusory wealth or status. I believe success is measured by the people’s ability to freely choose their own destiny without the encumbrances of a large, centralized authority which rules over their everyday decisions. I believe choosing liberty will minimize governmental control and will bring prosperity and opportunity back to the individual, back from the chasm of government-supported business and into the lives of the American people. The way forward is not a new way. Our founding fathers pointed out the direction not so long ago in the hopes that liberty would be able to continually ring, calling all nations to the banner of freedom. These are the reasons I am running for 6th District Congressperson. I propose that where freedom is, there also is prosperity. I intend to do everything within my power to bring freedom back to the 6th District of Michigan and America.