Honor the Oath!

For too long we have allowed those that represent us to skirt around their Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. I feel that this is most likely the reason we find our nation in shambles. I promise to you, my constituents, that the Constitution of the United States of America is and will be the foundation for all decisions that I make. We have the instruction book for peace and prosperity; we just need to follow it.

The Bill of Rights

It's amazing to me that I need to have a section that talks about our loss of freedoms. Currently, our government is actively spying on its people, throwing the Bill of Rights out the window. A State that focuses on security over liberty will be an impoverished nation. Look where the Soviet Union is now. Every ounce of our being must resist those who use the apparatus of government against the God-given Rights of man.

Sound Money

We, the people, need to audit the Federal Reserve and then close its doors forever. The last hundred years of “easy money“ has only forced us into a cycle of perpetual debt and make-believe growth. Our currency needs to be commodity backed. This will slow down inflation and increase the quality of our lives. We must always remember that the supposed growth backed by our current un-backed currency is only viable through mortgaging the lives of ourselves and our children.

We need to close the doors of the IRS. Our founders built this nation upon the idea that direct taxation of an individual's labor is immoral. Time is the single most valuable asset of any human being and for the government to attach itself to one's time is wrong. This amounts to nothing less than slavery. America didn’t need a perpetual tax upon labor until after the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.

End the monopoly producing powers of our regulatory agencies. These agencies have only given us a false sense of security in the areas they regulate while sapping the energy and substance of the people. The lesson learned is that they only increase market share and power for established, large corporations while undermining the creative and competitive power of small businesses. The people’s freedom to create should only be limited by another’s rights, not burdensome regulations that ultimately pick the winners and losers of each industry. Defend the liberty of the individual, and prosperity will flourish.

Crony capitalism must stop. In a perfect society, the need for government-supported welfare for individuals wouldn’t need to exist, but the imbalance in the marketplace brought about through crony capitalism and inflation makes welfare for needy people a necessity at this time. I believe it is common sense that aid will have to be given to people in a country that gives public assistance to large corporations. Welfare to individuals and corporations is empirically wrong-minded, but under the circumstances, through the policies of easy money and crony capitalism, it is here to stay. Welfare to corporations may give short-term benefits to the average American, but in the long-term, it is strapping our children with debt that they will never be able to pay. We need to work at having free markets without the cronyism we have become use to and prosperity will return to the individual.

Sound Health

End the Affordable Health Care Act. The debt and taxes that this act will bring will place many generations under grievous hardship. Government offers no long-term benefits if its gifts to the people are stolen from future generations. Each generation must be able to pay as they go.

Get government out of healthcare altogether, while respecting the promises made to those who have paid a lifetime of wages into Medicare. This is only fair. We need to start understanding that the solution isn’t government rationed healthcare or market rationed healthcare. The solution to affordable healthcare insurance is free markets without our current crony capitalist system. The solution to better health and lower healthcare costs resides in the will of the individual to be active and to eat nutritious food.

Empower the Doctor-Patient relationship, allow doctors and other healthcare providers to use their judgment in all decisions regarding their practices. Making them follow whatever is in fashion at the moment only gives sweetheart deals to the medical-industrial complex, allowing them to force their products down the throats of the patients.

Administrative rules and legal costs are forcing an entire generation of doctors out of practice. We must act now or we face an uncertain future in healthcare.

We Are What We Eat

Get the government out of the food business. I believe history has shown that the FDA cherry picks what it reports to the public regarding food. Once again, the story of this regulatory agency is a story of market protection for the big boys and declining health for Americans.

Under the FDA’s watch, we have seen every major disease process increase exponentially despite an almost 1 trillion dollars spent on health research. We need to stop relying upon palliative treatments. Generally speaking, a person should not need to take a pill to eat. Change the focus of healthcare from treating the symptoms of disease to educating the public on the causes of disease.

Sound Families

I believe that life is sacred. I am against all forms of taking human life. I feel that abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, and non-defensive war are wrong. The taking of human life only increases the de-humanization of all people.

I believe we have inadvertently caused the disintegration of poor families. The long- term costs of welfare that encourages single parent households are readily apparent. We are paying for our lack of vision in the past with high drop-out rates, high crime rates, and general lack of civility towards each other. I believe there shouldn’t be a financial incentive for families to break up. At the least, benefits should not decrease when a family stays together. Reintroduce sound money so that families will have more time at home raising their children and less time fighting the eroding power of inflation.

Educational Freedom

Families should be able to freely educate their children as they see fit without the input of government. As government involvement has increased in the education process, the overall intellect and knowledge base of our children has decreased.


Any good reliable source of energy will be able to pay for its own development. Government aid to corporations to find good, clean energy has been a waste of time and money. It looks good to us here and now but creates a nightmare of debt for our children.


People who have followed the law and are waiting for citizenship should be first to receive it. It is only fair. Our southern border security must be improved in its ability to ascertain if the immigrants coming here are criminals in the country from which they are fleeing.